Lauren A. Wood

Creative Strategist

Hi there! I've been writing, creating strategic content, coordinating events and collaborative efforts, managing creative and professional projects, educating, writing scripts for stage and screen, and publishing for over ten years and I would absolutely love to work with you.

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About me

I am a multi-published author who's had the opportunity to work with individuals, start-ups, businesses, and non-profit organizations across a number of industries over the course of my almost twenty year professional career at this point. I've amassed an eclectic body of knowledge across a number of industries and my experience in academia has allowed me to become a research pro. If you're seeking the divine intervention of a creative whose work ethic was born in the days before a single Instagram post became an entire day's work, I would love to talk strategy with you. 

You can see some of my creative writing on: (now defunct)
The Film Arts & Hearts International Film Festival Blog  
Points In Case

I have also written scripts of different lengths which have been produced both on camera and on stage. I also consider myself a filmmaker. Check out a couple of my films:

DitchWeed TravelTours

Feature Length Scripts In The Works:

Mary Ellen

Whose Got Your Back(line)

Oh I’m So Dramatic!

I’m working with a new streaming service (Cideshow TV) that gave me an episodic series. It’s just me, talking into a camera, vlog-style. It is called ‘Chemo in Place’ and it’s a woman isolated during a Pandemic going through Cancer treatment. As you can imagine, things do not go well.

You can watch that here


December 2019 to present


b[L]og is a boutique business blogging agency. This was born from my freelance preferences in working with small businesses to highlight themselves, their products and/or services and involve their customers for an unforgettable customer experience. My goal is to build this agency into something that can house several "secret agents" who can count on blogging for local economic growth to help support themselves and fund their own creative, artistic or business pursuits.

December 2009 to present
Paradisiac Publishing


Paradisiac Publishing is a boutique publishing house located in Davenport, Iowa. I've worked with talented authors, artists, and performers from all walks of life over the years.

August 2000 to present
Freelance Writer, Essayist, Author, & Creative Strategist

I learned in college that I was always going to travel the road less traveled, so-to-speak. While I have worked in a number of roles in several industries over the years I have been writing, collaborating, and creating strategic and creative content since my teen years and I have yet to find a more exciting and personally fulfilling use of my time. 


Fall 2000 - Summer 2004
B.A. Cinema & Comparative Literature

The University of Iowa

Fall 2013 to summer 2016
М.А. English & Creative Writing

Southern New Hampshire University

Skills & Languages





Native English Speaker

Multilingual Writer/Translator


Lauren is a fantastically creative writer and ridiculously bold in her attempts to secure content for BTTV. She will Facebook anyone, Tweet at whomever and pour out stories left and right. Fame and fortune do not dissuade her from landing an interview. Her tenacity is unmatched. She is loyal and committed to the cause and is an effective critic of her own work. She is social savvy, timely and completely in tune with the "secrete sauce" of create great content. You will miss out if you do not hire her.

Todd Hansen
Former Head of Conference Programming

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During her two summers as the UI Upward Bound Project's technology monitor, Lauren did an outstanding job being both professional and yet welcoming to our students as she supervised and assisted them in our computer lab. Whether answering homework questions, signing computers in and out or troubleshooting hardware or software issues, Lauren kept the lab running smoothly and worked effectively with the rest of our staff.

Brent Studer
Director of Science Assessment Development
The College Board

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Lauren is a very talented musician, and very professional to work with. I featured her on my site, The Independent Music Scene, and she was a pleasure to communicate with. I would recommend Lauren in all aspects of her career.

Paul Ruth
Vice President
East Detroit Federation of Teachers

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Let's work together.