Maceli Visuals is a boutique design service focused on branding and identity. They’ve hired me to help them expand their client base and extend their reach. They’re prior focus had been in the Esports arena and given my eclectic background in multiple industries I’m hoping to expand their portfolio while further adding to my creative and strategic bag of tricks.

The Film Arts & Hearts International Film Festival was created as a way for filmmakers to come together in support while embracing each other with open arms and encouragement, in sharp contrast to the outdated industry trends of exclusion, cut-throat competitiveness and unrelenting one-uppmenship. I started, wrote and managed their blog.

As a creative marketer and scriptwriter this client was one I was truly honored to have volunteeredmy time and talents to as I am currently working on a short film I plan to enter into the LA Indie Film Festival once completed. 

The 100 Series is the brainchild of Lifestyle Brand Expert, Videographer and Photographer Jaawan Arrington. I cannot think of one single person who has done more to inspire creativity, inclusiveness, and the art of the self-embrace more than Jaawan. When he contacted me with an inquiry on publishing his first regional photography collection as a full-color coffee table book, I was ecstatic! The 100 Series Presents: Shades is now available on Amazon and select retailers and showcases breathtaking photos of 100 Quad City residents alongside a personal item and short story on that item and why it means so much to them. If you would like to purchase the book, please contact The 100 Series. 

b[L]og is my business blogging service. This boutique agency allows me to provide ghost writing services to individuals, businesses and organizations alike without aligning myself, personally, to specific cause or niche. As a creative and academic writer with experience across a number of industries in addition to my own creative pursuits, b[L]og allows me to take on more professional and strategic projects while maintaining my autonomy and protecting the interests of my clients should they prefer that added level of mystery.

Plus, how cool is it to be a secret blogger behind a top secret agency? My goal with b[L]og is to one day secure enough reoccurring work that I can house several "secret agents" in-house (remotely) who will be able to support themselves and fund creative or artistic pursuits of their own. 

Paradisiac Publishing is a boutique publishing house that I run from my laptop and/or phone. That's truly all you need to know! 

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